Case Study – Cross Cultural Design

Nov 16, 2019: A case study on cross cultural challenges in instructional design for a course on Universal Design for Learning.

Case study citation: Spannaus, T. W., & Jones, T. S. (2014). Case Study 20. Iris Daniels: Cross-Cultural Challenges in Designing Instruction. In Ertmer, P., Quinn, J., & Glazewski, K. The ID casebook : Case studies in instructional design (Fourth ed. pp. 190-193). Boston: Pearson.

The assignment was to answer these questions:

  1. How was the design process beginning with the initial design of the Web-Based Training to the proposed elements of the prototype influenced by the different backgrounds of the consortium members?
  2. Evaluate Jim and Iris’s approach to handling cultural differences among consortium members.
  3. Critique the elements of the prototype proposed by Iris, Jim, and Kimberly. What would you add or eliminate, if anything? Explain.
  4. What outcomes might Iris expect from the demonstration of the prototype?
  5. What steps should a designer take to prepare for working on a cross-cultural team?

Professor feedback was that she loved my response to question 3 and that I could have said more on question 4.