Literature Review

For this assignment, we were told to find a gap in the literature. Research UDL, differentiated instruction, and instructional design in the instructional setting I plan to go into (military, health care, education, etc.). Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the information presented in the research. Identify the gap and, utilizing future research, how this gap could be closed. 

I chose to look at Undergraduate Medical Education (UME)—Graduate Medical Education (GME)—Faculty continuum. Professor feedback was that I did a good job, APA would recommend a more formal style of writing than what I did, but she was okay with it. I also had a couple citation errors which have been corrected in the attached. I also didn’t really answer the question of what I might recommend for future research and, frankly, am still unsure what I would recommend.

We had a week to work on this paper and, afterward, were asked what we would have done if we’d had more time. I like to think I would have been able to go more in-depth and possibly gained a better understanding of UME. I know the post-graduate and faculty realms but am not as familiar with the medical students’ experiences. I probably could have also explored how some institutions or programs were involving instructional design within their own programs (where I was looking at UME / GME as a whole rather than by institution)—instructional design is going on at the institutional level but not necessarily at the national level. I hope to polish this up and submit to the Journal of Graduate Medical Education or similar.