My Story

I’m a creative with a love for learning and a desire for quality and efficiency. I am also:

    • a Wife and Mom
    • an Instructional Designer
    • a Program Coordinator in Graduate Medical Education
    • an Education Administrator in Medical Education
    • a Graphic Designer
    • a Reader/Writer/Editor
    • a Musician

Link to IDD Projects

Instructional Design

I view Instructional Design as quality and process improvement for the learning environment. What does that mean? It means that I enjoy looking at how learning goals, objectives, competencies, etc. are being addressed, see if it’s possible to do it better and, if so, how to go about making it better.

Link to Graphic Design Projects

Graphic Design

I have an eye for how things are laid out and for interesting angles to view the world. If you have an idea of an image you want, I can probably create it.

Link to Writing Projects


Along with that eye for layout and interesting angles, I have an uncanny ability to spot the one misspelled word amongst a jumble of other words and enjoy helping others use words to express themselves as clearly as possible.

I also enjoy writing words of my own and have a Bachelor of Art in English Literature (Honors, Creative Non-Fiction).


I’ve played piano since kindergarten and have been a church pianist-organist long enough to have retired and come out of retirement. I’ve played in concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, pit orchestras, and praise teams. My taste in music runs from “You need to hear this” to “I know. Don’t judge me.” (Seriously. Completely messed with a cashier’s head when I brought a recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz, and the Sawyer Brown single “The Race is On” to her register). I’ve played clarinet and bass clarinet (own both), contra-alto and contra-bass clarinets, know roughly 5 chords on guitar, dabbled with trombone and flute, have written my own compositions, and have a Bachelor of Music Therapy (Psychology Minor).

So what do I hope to do with all this?

I love working in Medical Education. Not just Graduate Medical Education (GME). I get excited when my Program Directors start talking about curriculum updates and process improvements. I also get excited when working on a project for my Fellows and discovering how it has the potential to benefit our other learners who rotate through our department. Of course, this sometimes gets me weird looks because they’re usually lamenting about “all the work” involved. All I see is a process that needs improving and, for some reason, “all the work” of breaking it down, examining what’s working and what’s not, then rebuilding it better makes me very, very happy.

Somewhat related to my work in GME, is the push toward Competency-Based Medical Education. It’s primarily focused on transitions from Undergraduate to Graduate levels, but I enjoy looking at its impact within GME (residency to fellowship transitions) and potential use in bridging gaps between GME and Professional/Attending level.