Intervention Evaluation

Course: Performance System Technology. Spring 2020

Assignment: Create an infographic to teach the most important information about intervention evaluation—overview, planning, and implementing—and provide my rationale.

Response: Evaluation is the foundation of a successful Performance Improvement Intervention. The three main types (formative, summative, and confirmative) form one  part of the support. Underneath that is Meta Evaluation 

which supports the overall evaluation process by confirming the validity of the other evaluations, and thus, the value of the intervention itself.

I believe it would be valuable to someone on-the-job primarily because it gives a basic and concise explanation of each evaluation type, its purpose, when it’s typically done in the life cycle of an intervention, and what is involved in the implementation of each evaluation type. For a practitioner, this could provide enough information for them to decide the type of evaluation needed and provides sufficient information for them to dig deeper should they need or want to do so.