Process Evaluation

I became a Program Coordinator for three small Internal Medicine Fellowship programs in 2016. At the time, the on-boarding and orientation processes for new trainees, which takes place every academic year, felt disorganized. There are a multitude of departments within UAB, each with different but connected purposes which, when executed properly, enables a new physician to fully function within the various systems at UAB. Additionally, trainees will also work within other entities, notably the Birmingham VA Medical Center and Children’s of Alabama, each with their own processes. After my first time going through these processes, I created a job aid which listed out the various groups, contacts, and information needed. Due to the cyclical nature of my position, the job aid has been fine-tuned each year.

In the past, my “evaluation” method was to informally ask the fellows how things went. This project was my first time doing any sort of formal evaluation of the onboarding process and is something I now plan to do each year.

Based on their responses, I plan to:

  • Create a checklist similar to GME’s (which they seemed to like) that includes VA (and COA for Palliative)
  • Communicate with incoming fellows currently at UAB to ensure they have what they need
  • Contact HSIS to give them access to their email in June
  • Locate existing “how‐to” instructions for accessing various systems and make sure incoming fellows know where to
    find them
Evaluation Plan - McAlister, Elizabeth