Multimedia Design – Compilation of Course Projects

Link to course compilation of Multimedia Design assignments

Course Assignment Recap

The final project for the Multimedia Design course was to create a “course” detailing each assignment.

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Rise 360
  • Quizmaker and Engage (Articulate 360)
  • Peek and Replay (Articulate 360)
  • Camtasia

Link to Course


The Quizmaker and Engage project is rather random. The purpose of the assignment was to utilize as much of the two programs as possible and then compile it into one Storyline “course.”  As I was posting this, I realized that I did not update the placeholder text to reflect the assignment details. Unfortunately, my trial membership had expired and I’m unable to update it at this time. The assignment details were:

  1. Use Quizmaker 360 to create 10 quiz slides from three built-in question categories. Include 4 Graded Questions, 4 Survey Questions, and 2 Freeform Questions. Save it to my computer.
  2. Use Engage 360 to create 10 interaction slides from 20 built-in interaction templates. Save it to my computer.
  3. Open Storyline, import the quiz and engage slides that you saved to the current story scene, add transitions, then publish the story.

Second Camtasia assignment: The assignment was to “either use Camtasia to record my computer screen as a screen cast video clip or download a video clip from YouTube.” I ended up putting multiple videos together* and created, essentially, an homage to Eddie Van Halen, who died October 2020 from cancer. As such, there are clips in the video that are copyrighted (and not by me). Links to the source videos and material are in the video description and the video is only accessible through the link in the course.

*Personal “proud” moment was syncing up the music track of “Eruption” to match the video track of a live performance!